How Can You Correct Lens Distortion In Real Estate Photography?

Real estate photography focuses on photographing real estate properties along with their background or landscape. This means that the images must accurately represent the dimensions and shapes of objects. However, the commonly used wide-angle lenses in this line of photography introduce distortions that affect the appearance of objects. For example, this type of lens bends straight lines towards the edge of images. In this article, we will look at using real estate photo editing services for fixing lens distortion in real estate photography.
What Is Lens Distortion In Real Estate Photography?
In real estate photography, most types of distortions are undesirable. However, in this article, we will discuss two types of distortions and methods to correct them.
The first type of distortion is when a lens makes a straight-line curve or wobble, and the second type of distortion is when parallel lines that are vertical lean out or in. In the second case, the degree of bending depends on the angle of the composition of the image. You must keep in mind that these issues must be avoided or corrected as much as possible.
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What Is Barrel, Pincushion, And Mustache Distortion?
In barrel distortion, straight lines near the edge of an image will bend outward. While, with pincushion distortion, the straight lines bow inward. Now, if straight-line curves both back and forth, it is known as mustache distortion. This issue is common with the more affordable ultra-wide lenses like the 14mm primes. Having said that, it is easy to fix most of these distortions with photo editing services.
How Can You Correct Common Lens Distortions?
You can correct lens distortions in real estate photos in two different ways. First, you can use the correction profile of the lens in post-production. Second, you can correct it manually using photo editing software. The good news is that the correction profile of lenses from reputed brands is available on RAW conversion software like Capture One, Adobe Lightroom, etc.
What Is Keystone Or Perspective Distortion?
If you are high up and looking down, the vertical lines will converge in a downward “V” shape. Now, if you are down and looking up, the vertical lines will lean in like an “A” shape. This is called perspective or keystone distortion.
How To Correct Keystone Distortion?
Photo Editing Services
Photo Editing Services
The keystone distortion can be corrected in two ways. You can use a tilt-shift lens, or you can correct it in post-production using photo editing software.
These are the important points that you must know about using real estate photo editing services for fixing lens distortion.

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